Digital Nostalgia Jukebox  

Welcome to the future! Based on the classic Wurlitzer style jukebox of the past, this latest Digital Nostalgia jukebox redefines jukebox technology for the 21st century. Incorporating a unique and ground breaking musical library containing every UK Top40 track ever released from 1952 through to the current day plus 10,000 additional non chart tracks covering over 150 musical genres the choice of music is unprecedented. The Digital Nostalgia also has the best touch screen system in the industry and cutting edge sound quality whilst at the same time embracing everything good from the past, beautiful solid wood build giving great acoustics and eye catching presence with stunning metal fittings and beautiful atmospheric internal lighting, oh and lets not forget the all important bubbles up the sides and over the top!

Housed inside the beautifully Digital Nostalgia jukebox is the latest in digital audio technology; a true milestone in jukebox entertainment. "The BBC Top of the Pops Chart" milestones in music vault, with no CD’s to change its perfect for seamless dance floor entertainment as there are no silent gaps in the music when the CD's change ( normally 4-5 seconds). The bespoke music library is compiled and profiled by some of the music industries most knowledgeable professionals and not only contains every UK TOP 40 release from when the chart began in 1952 through to the current week, but also and additional 10,000 tracks from obscure and niche bands, import artists and other non chart tunes spread over 150 different genres. Wow finally the question “Is it on the jukebox” is a no brainer .... Its all there ready for you and friends to enjoy.

Have fun browsing through the categories or search by track, see pictures of the artists and of course the funny hairstyles as you travel though musical history or just stay current in the Top40, Rihanna anyone?. Search also by date, where you can put in any date back to 1960 and the jukebox jumps back to that specific week of the Top40, where you can browse and select any track, great for birthdays, anniversaries or just to see if your week was a golden one or just a bit of a clanger.

You only get married once or have that big “0” Birthday so please make sure you have the best jukebox available, the Digital Nostalgia, no other Digital dome top jukebox has this cutting edge musical library coupled with class leading sound and classic antique build quality. But please be warned you will go to bed very late as it has a habit of making you come back for more, and eventually we will have to take it away after your party as you will want to keep one forever! Check out the features in detail below and full pricing on our prices page.





A much loved institution , now sadly gone from our screens apart from Christmas, is now back on the Digital Nostalgia Jukebox, The Top of the pops chart tracker from the BBC lets you browse through all the top 40 tracks over the years from 1952 through to today's top 40, that's 3225 weeks and counting of top 40 tunes pop pickers, you are now truly spoilt for choice.
This is truly magic, type in your date of birth and instantly see the top 40 on that day, search back to 1960 to dig out those hidden treasures. You can also browse by key moments in History such as man landing on the moon or maybe just a rarity such as England winning the world cup. Think of the fun you can have with this easy to use feature, maybe its a birthday or anniversary or simply a wedding its a great way to get everyone involved and a reveal a personal treasure trove of hits and of course maybe a few misses too!
Simply browse the music in easy to understand categories, or if you have something specific in mind, find it in a flash. Search by year , genre of music such a rock, country, dance, indie etc, Search by artist, search by album, search by song, you name it you can search by it. You are never more than 3 presses away from making a selection with the easy to use touch screen interface, considered to be the best commercial digital jukebox system available found in over 10,000 UK pubs.
Housed inside the jukebox is cutting edge LED internal illumination which animates through various sophisticated designs. The red, green and blue LED's colour mix together producing a slowly changing mass of beautifully synchronized colour spiraling up the columns and up over the top, just like this classic jukeboxes, but dare we say it better!
Well almost ! The Digital Nostalgia has an amazing background music feature that can be custom programmed by us for your party or reception. It Automatically chooses tracks when no manual selections are made, great for background music when your eating or at the beginning of the evening entertainment. Theme your background music by choosing from one or more of the musical categories listed at the bottom of the page. Sounds just like a DJ without any of the DJ downside.
Let's be honest, one person's idea of music, can make another person cry, so if that crazy gran has just selected some dodgy old track just when you were getting down, hit the reject button and let your music flow. This control box is wired to all our machines, and is located on the rear of the jukebox and lets the user adjust the volume and reject tracks allowing a seamless fade into the next one. Usually operated by the person paying, whoever's party it is or ultimately anyone drunk enough to have the bottle. You have been warned, keep the little black box on a 'need to know basis'.
Yes we know your a little musically obsessed with a play list for that and a play list for the other or just a blind 'shuffle' into the night, so yes your ipod can be plugged into the Jukebox or any other mini jack based music maker and routed through the beautiful sound that is the jukebox sound. Some might say its the biggest ipod dock around, enjoy!

Its a common question, how good is the sound? Wonderful is the answer! The stunning 6 speaker system (the bass is dual cone) delivers high fidelity sound with crisp treble and mid range and deep thundering bass, and the all wood construction of the jukebox add up to some lovely acoustics. The fully digital amplification delivering a blistering 300watts per a channel does the rest.

If your in a large marquee or venue with lots of people it is best to add some extra sound reinforcement, this can either be achieved through plugging into the venue’s system, the band PA if you have one or by using one of our great value mini PA’s or club sound Packs. We can advise you on this at the time of booking so we will ask about the number of guests and type of venue you are going to be in.

Equipped with standard phone Input & Output the jukebox can be linked to any additional sound equipment easily. We do a great ‘club sound pack’ which this hooks into or if you are having a band as well you may be able to hook up to their PA system as well. Long 10m phono leads are always available with the jukebox free of charge.




"The industries award winning digital music library, updated weekly direct from the record companies bringing you the entire UK Top40 from 1952 through to the current month! Plus 400+ up to date full albums & 10,000 specialist import tracks spread over 150 genres which total over 45,000 tracks, put together for your enjoyment by the industries music guru’s. See below for the epic list of all the categories & sub categories waiting for you delectation. Sorry if its a long list, but its loads of music!