Lets face it, it can't be party party all day and night long, so sometimes you need a break and what better way to entertain your guests large or small than to hire some of our classic games. From retro classics such as tabletop arcade, pub style table football, giant Connect 4, giant dominoes and other classic garden games, we have all that you need to entertain your guests. For full details of pricing click here


Well not everyone is a dance floor diva, some of us prefer the quite life, and what better than our fully featured arcade game with 48 classic games to entertain, and if you can distract the kids for a minute you can have a go too! At last you may have the upper hand over the younger generations when it comes to gaming, show them how it used to be done with with arcade classics such as pacman, frogger, asteroids , space invaders. tank attack, and so on ... check out the full list below. Delivered with your juke box and set up on free play its yours to enjoy all night long (or day too !). ENJOY!


Beautifully built, this robust and pro level table football will delight your guests. Allowing interaction and competition between all ages, table football really is a timeless classic that complements the jukebox atmosphere perfectly.


A game that is really well known to the children of the 70's and 80's connect 4 is a wonderfully simple, fun two player game. This giant version at over 1m tall allows the game to be played standing up inside or out and is a great complement to the days entertainments. Kids love moving the giant pieces and adults love trying to beat them.


Jenga is another timeless classic that entertains guests both large and small. With this giant version at around 1m playing indoors and out is both fun and engaging, just make sure you shout "Timber" when it starts to fall!


These giant dominoes are about 20cm long so its easy to play on the floor inside or out. A game that children and adults can play together its a great addition to guests entertainment.


As simple as it gets, noughts and crosses. This oversized version is great with adults and children of all ages.