To compliment our jukeboxes, which in them selves are beautifully illuminated, we have some mood lighting, disco lighting and live music lighting packages also available for hire with the jukeboxes. Not to be confused with cheap imitations these are full professional units and deliver amazing results either in large venues or in the home and really help set the scene for an evenings entertainment and transform any venue.

Available in three sizes to fit the size of your venue or in bespoke packages its easy to choose what's right for you, plus you can hire multiple packages together such as the medium mood lighting package and the small disco package to create your perfect looking event. The equipment is delivered and setup along with the jukebox by our experienced and creative team, so there is no extra work for you and all that's required are normal power sockets. If you would like any help choosing what's right for you or have some specific requirements please don't hesitate to ask, we love to help.

Please find our lighting packages below and details on the individual units at the bottom of the page. For full details of pricing click here



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