Recently added we now supply a lovely high definition 'Cinema' setup which you can use to entertain the kids at a wedding reception for a little chill out time, or as a special treat at a birthday party.

We also supply HD projectors on their own which people increasing use to project on the walls photo and videos of the bride and groom before the wedding day, and even project photo's from the professional photographer from earlier on in the day. These are usually quickly prepared when the meal is going on, then during the evening festivities you can relive the magic moments of the ceremony and arrival. Sometimes even the best man wants to show a few incriminating images to support his speech, but thats down to you, and of course him! For full details of pricing click here


Our Pop Up cinema package is great for treating kids at a birthday bash, or giving them (and you !) a little chill out time at a wedding reception or party. We supply and setup the equipment and all you need to do is get some DVD's or Blue Ray discs and a little pop corn as required! Our setup includes high quality HD projector, DVD / Blue Ray play, Wireless speakers for behind the screen, 70 inch pop up screen ( great for small to medium rooms ) and 8 FREE children's bean bags if you want them.

The system can be setup in an adjoining room or even in the corner of a larger venue where instead of the speakers you can add our wireless cinema package as seen below where the sound is routed through wireless headphones... Magic !

  Silent Cinema  

This Mini Wireless headphone system allows you to route the sound from the cinema setup trough these wireless headphones. This is great when you want to place the cinema setup inside the main room or at the end of marquee you are using for the reception or simply as a novelty so the people not watching the film don't need to hear it.



  HD Projector Hire  

This powerful HD projector can be used to project onto the wall, ceiling or a screen photo's and videos of the bride and groom. They could be silly clips of the special pair before the day or actual shots from earlier of the arrival and ceremony, the choice is yours. Simply place the photo's on a standard USB stick and up they pop. For a small charge we can help you compile these or its easy to do it yourself.

Also great to use for big birthdays where you can do a 'this is your life' countdown of past and present photo's of the birthday star capturing those special moments, good or bad !



  Genre Tab